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Mustafa Akgul

>From Sun Feb 21 05:41:37 1999
Subject: NA Digest, V. 99, # 08

NA Digest Saturday, February 20, 1999 Volume 99 : Issue 09


From: Jack Dongarra <>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 12:15:47 -0500
Subject: NetSolve Version 1.2 Now Available

NetSolve version 1.2 is now available (
NetSolve is a software environment for network computing that combines
distributed computational resources into a unified service for solving
complex scientific problems remotely. Using a client-agent-server
paradigm, it aggregates the hardware and software resources of any
number of computers that are loosely connected across a network and
offers up their collective power through client interfaces that are
familiar from the world of uniprocessor computing. When a user wants a
certain computational task performed, he or she can use any one of a
number of conventional software clients (e.g. MATLAB, Mathematica,
simple procedure calls) to contact an agent with the request. The agent
keeps track of information about all the servers in its resource pool,
including their availability, load, network accessibility, and the range
of computational tasks they can perform. The agent then selects a server
to perform the task, and the server responds to the client's request. A
load-balancing policy is used to manage computational resources to
ensure good performance and simple retry provides fault-tolerance.

NetSolve has been ported to every major UNIX platform. The NetSolve
client is now available from C, Matlab and Mathematica interfaces on the
MS-Windows platform, and both the agent and server components will soon
be available for NT. The following numerical and scientific libraries
have been integrated into NetSolve computational servers: ARPACK, BLAS,
FFTPACK, FitPack, ItPack, LAPACK, MinPack, PETSc, and ScaLAPACK. These
numerical libraries cover several fields of scientific computing; Linear
Algebra, Optimization, Fast Fourier Transforms, etc. This list includes
only the software that has been integrated by the NetSolve team, but it
continues to grow. Adding new software libraries to NetSolve servers is
relatively straightforward and users have added special libraries for
their own purposes.

Jack Dongarra 104 Ayres Hall
423-974-8295 fax: 423-974-8296 Knoxville TN, 37996


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