Re: [LINUX:4201] Acele :)

Can Baysal (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 22:19:38 +0200

Hi there;
active file is not a standard configuration file that you can write by
yourself, or obtain from somewhere. There are two possibilities;
a) If you are not going to get the feed from a upstream provider, which
means you'll run standalone, use ctlinnd command's subcommand to create
groups, your active file will be updated accordingly.
b) If you'll have a feed, ask for active file to your feeder. When you
have it you can modify the file according to your needs.

Kaan Gunes Celik wrote:
> Selamlar..
> --------------
> i installed this Day an INN ( Newsserver ) now i need an "Active" File
> to start running it ;)
> ( bugun bir newsserver kurdum ve simdi calistirmak icin "active" file
> gerekli)
> -------------
> den bir arkadas bu konuda yardim istiyor :) ben yardimci
> olamadim
> cevaplari
> adresine gonderirseniz sevinirim
> Saygilarimla
> Kaan Gunes Celik

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