Support for the blind user running Linux (fwd)

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Thu, 18 Jul 1996 14:27:04 +0300 (EET DST)

Ilgilenebileceklercin olabilecegini dusundum...

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Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 22:24:28 +0100 (GMT+0100)
From: Ted Harding <>
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Subject: Support for the blind user running Linux (fwd)


The following came my way (and can only be the result of an email
conversation I had with someone about 18 months ago ... talk about
chickens coming home to roost).

Anyway, I am forwarding it because it's clearly a worthy cause, and there
might just be someone out there interested in getting involved who would
not otherwise have heard of this list.

Best wishes to all,
Ted. (
> Hello Ted,
> I found your email adress by scanning deja news mail archive
> searching comp.os.linux.* groups, search item "blind". I want to tell you
> that there is now a new mailing list which focuses on Linux blind support,
> called "blinux-list". The short term goal of blinux-list is to
> serve as a place for discussion about blind support for Linux
> and to accelerate the development of software for the blind Linux user.
> The long term goal is to build a blinux package which will contain drivers
> for braille printers, braille readers, a talking shell, talking scanner
> software and voice control for the Linux workstation. This blinux package
> might be available for free on CDROM (only media and mailing costs).
> If you are interested in Linux blind support because you are a person who
> is blind, or you are a developer with spare time (hehe...) who wants to
> contribute to this noncommercial venture, or you have a friend who is
> blind or you are simply a curious person :), subscribe *now* to
> blinux-list by sending a mail to:
> with subject line: subscribe
> If you are not interested at all, I apologize for this email. But if you
> know someone who might be interested in blinux-list, please advertise :).
> Best Regards
> Hans
> --
> Hans Zoebelein You are interested in Linux blind support?
> Join the blinux mailing list and mail to:
> *I'm a poker player,
> *I don't believe in gambling. with subject line: subscribe