kernel 1.3.100

Yavuz Selim Komur (
Fri, 10 May 1996 14:16:17 +0300 (EET DST)

+Kernel support for JAVA binaries
+ JAVA binaries are becoming a universal executable format. This
+ option allows Java binaries and Java Applets to be handled invisibly
+ to the OS. As more and more Java programs become available, the use
+ for this will gradually increase. If you want to use this, read the
+ Java on Linux HOWTO, available via ftp (user: anonymous) at
+ In order to execute Java binaries,
+ you will also need to install the Java Developers Kit. If you disable
+ this option it will reduce your kernel by about one page. This is not
+ much and by itself does not warrant removing support. However its
+ removal is a good idea if you do not have the JDK installed. If you
+ don't know what to answer at this point then answer Y. You may answer
+ M for module support and later load the module when you install the
+ JDK or find a interesting Java program that you can't live without.

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