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I have put the uploaded the 2.2.0f version of pppd to the archive site
at sunsite.unc.edu. The other mirror sites should have it at the period
when they perform their mirror copies.

The file for the 'final' resting place on sunsite is
/pub/Linux/system/Network/serial/ppp-2.2.0f.tar.gz. Until it is moved there
look for it in the 'Incoming' directory.

The changes from the 2.2.0e version are best described as follows:

1. Revise the kinstall.sh script so that it will do the required patch to
the user's /usr/include/sys/types.h file to add the missing include file.

2. Remove the requirement for u_int32_t from the kernel driver.

3. Correct a problem with the pppd process hanging when the modems terminate.
The select() processing was not removing the pending item when the device
was closed. This left pppd just suspended waiting for a condition which
would never occur when the modem disconnected.

4. Added a patch by Paul Mackerras to not attempt CCP if there is no
compressor enabled for this session. If you have problems with the peer
system 'freq'ing' out just after you send a CCP frame, then this is designed
to correct the problem. If you have the BSD compressor loaded then you must
use -bsdcomp to disable the compressor or you will have the same problem.

5. Added a patch to update the utmp file as well as wtmp when 'login' is

6. Corrected the code in auth.c so that it will properly work with the current
shadow password library. This means that it will perform external password
verification if desired, 16 character passwords if you used them, and that
it will respect the aging requirements.

7. Applied the patches to routines which were posted earlier to the users
list. These allowed pppd to properly detect the modem termination sequence.

8. Added the eth device name to the proxyARP ioctl request. This is needed
for the 1.3 series kernels to restrict the ARP reply to the appropriate
ethernet network.

9. General cleanup. (spaces -> tabs, etc.)

The LSM entry is included below.

Title: ppp
Version: 2.2.0f
Entered-date: 18APR96
Description: Daemon for the PPP protocol for Linux. This includes
the chat utility program.

This version is designed to work with the 2.2.0 version
of the linux kernel driver. Several fixes are in place
over the previous version of 2.2. This release will work
properly with the 1.3.85 kernel as well as the 1.2.13
kernel. It has several other bug fixes for CCP and chat.
Keywords: ppp, network, drivers
Author: paulus@cs.anu.edu.au (Paul Mackerras)
Maintained-by: longyear@netcom.com (Al Longyear)
callahan@maths.ox.ac.uk (Michael Callahan)
Primary-site: sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/system/Network/serial
378200 bytes
Original-site: cs.anu.edu.au /pub/ppp
Copying-policy: BSD

MD5-Checksum: 2afa189f54d4f63f00514745610b7424

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