BIND 4.9.3-REL announcement (fwd)

Mustafa Akgul (akgul@Bilkent.EDU.TR)
Wed, 3 Jan 1996 13:03:24 +0200 (EET)

Ekte duyurusu yapilan bind-4.9.3-REL.tar.gz (1.6M)
ve Sunos-4.1.3 icin binary'leri
bind-4.9.3rel-sunos.tar.z (.5Mbyte)
altindan alinabilir.

Bilserv'den de sadece simleri verilerek erismek mumkundur.
Mustafa Akgul
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Subject: BIND 4.9.3-REL announcement
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 15:41:43 -0800
From: Paul A Vixie <>
Sender: <>
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Reply-To: Paul A Vixie <>

This is the long-awaited "final release" of BIND 4.9.3.

The time at this writing is "Sun Dec 31 23:39:46 GMT 1995."

All public and private test releases have been removed.

The distribution is:


Size: 1682741 bytes
POSIX checksum: 2183623314 1682741
MD5 checksum: da1908b001f8e6dc93fe02589b989ef1

You can get my PGP public key by fingering or from
the MIT key server. My fingerprint is:
BA A8 64 76 55 C1 72 63 44 56 B2 0C 07 E6 28 81
I don't have the technology at hand to sign this announcement, but I can
sign the distribution with a "detached ascii armoured signature certificate":

Version: 2.6.2


As always, see <URL:> for more details. Note that we
have some mirrors operating now, in case you are outside of the continental
U.S. and won't have good access to my FTP server. Check the following after
this message has been in your inbox for about 12 hours.

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