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International Conference on
Technology Management: University/Industry/Government Collaboration
UnIG '96
June 24-26 1996, Istanbul, Turkey

Organized under the patronage of
His Excellency Suleyman Demirel,(ITU'INSAAT-49)
the President of the Republic of Turkey

Organized by:
UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics at Bogazici University

Within the framework of:
UNESCO UNISPAR (University-Industry-Science Partnership) Program

Objectives and the Theme
The changing global economy and the changing norms of scientific
research are strengthening the University/Industry/Government (UnIG)
cooperative ventures. The strategic planning in R&D environment is of
vital importance and requires the seeking of opportunities and
technology forecasting. The understanding of different modalities of
cooperation between universities and industry and the role of
governments in promoting this cooperation is therefore essential for
the policy-makers who desire to maintain a grasp of emerging
technologies. The main objective of this conference is to explore the
means and instruments to establish effective and lasting
University/Industry/Government collaboration and to present case
studies in this respect. The barriers that may hinder such a fruitful
collaboration will also be deliberated upon. The results of the
conference will be reported at the World Congress of Engineering
Educators and Industry Leaders to be held in Paris on 2-5 July 1996.

Scope of the Conference
The scope of the conference will include - but not be limited to - the

* Development and management of institutions such as industrial parks,
high-tech corridors and incubators.
* R&D incentives and technology transfer mechanisms for small and
medium sized firms.
* Entrepreneurship and financial instruments.
* Transfer and diffusion of technology.
* Technology pirating and patent rights.
* Development of legal and procedural frameworks.
* Development of tools and methodologies.
* Development of R&D consortia.
* Development of educational programs.
* Management of innovation.
* Management of technological systems.
* Multinational management of technology.
* Management of engineers and scientists.
* Management of projects.
* Environmentally sound technologies

Paper Submission: Prospective authors are invited to submit four
copies of 300-500 word abstracts to the appropriate address given

Special Session and Tutorial Proposals: Anybody wishing to organize a
special session or a tutorial is requested to contact the general
chair or one of the program chairs as soon as possible.

Papers from Europe, Papers from Papers from Asia
Middle East, Africa Americas: and Pacific-Rim:
Gunduz Ulusoy Dundar Kocaoglu Kiyoshi Niwa
Industrial Eng. Dept. Eng. Manag. Prog. Dept. Gen. Sys. Studies
Bogazici University Portland State Un. University of Tokyo
Bebek, 80815 Istanbul Portland, OR 97207 3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku,
Tel: +90-212-263 1540 Tel: 1-503-725-4660 Tel: +81-3-5454-6792
Fax: +90-212-265 1800 Fax: 1-503-725-4667 Fax: +81-3-3465-2896
ulusoyg@boun.edu.tr kocaoglu@emp.pdx.edu niwa@idea.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Abstracts are due by: 5 January 1996
Notification of Acceptance: 1 March 1996
Full papers are due by: 21 April 1996

Address for Correspondence:
Bogazici University
UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics
Bebek 80815, Istanbul, TURKEY
phone: +90 (212) 287-2475
fax: +90 (212) 287-2465
e-mail: unig@boun.edu.tr

Sponsored by:
Bogazici University Foundation
ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Industry)
TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey)
TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)
UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Technology for Europe (ROSTE)
Turkish National Com. for UNESCO

Honorary Co-Chairs:
Ustun Erguder (Rector, Bogazici Univ.)
Rahmi M. Koc (Koc Holding)

Conference Co-Chairs:
Ruhi Kaykayoglu (Istanbul Univ.)
Okyay Kaynak (UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics at Bogazici Univ.)

Program Chairs:
Dundar Kocaoglu (Portland State Univ.)
Kiyoshi Niwa (University of Tokyo)
Gunduz Ulusoy (Bogazici Univ.)

Advisory Committee:
Y. Aoshima (UNESCO Headquarters)
H. Kavi (ISO)
V. Kouzminov (UNESCO ROSTE)
T. Terzioglu (TUBITAK)
T. Titiz (Member of Parliament)
UNISPAR Working Group in Turkey

National Organization Committee:
Kemal Ciliz (Bogazici Univ.)
Kemal Gulec (DPT)
Iffet Iyigun (Arcelik)
Hidayet Sarac (Tekfen Holding)
Atac Soysal (ITU)
Kemal Tugcu (Arcelik)
Refik Ureyen (Arcelik)
Nuket Yetis (Marmara Univ.)