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Ilginizi ceker diye dusundum.
Soz konusu binary ODTU ve Bilkent'te var.

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: Hi:

: I installed Linux three days ago and I was very surprised to see
: how fine and easy was to install Sendmail (my previous box ran with
: Smail). But after 3 days, today, I cannot send/receive any mail from
: my box :(
: My is OK, in are only ca 10 rows funny symbols
: I have no idea, what there really MUST be...

: Help needed, I really do not want to go back to Smail..

: Riho

The main problem people meet with running sendmail under Linux is that the
default local delivery agent does not work with sendmail. A binary distribution
of sendmail 8.6.9 for Linux with a replacment delivery agent can be found on
most Linux FTP sites. The file is called sendmail-8.6.9-bin.tgz.

On it is in the directory /pub/Linux/system/Mail/delivery


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