Re: Lynx on Linux ??? Possible (fwd)

Mustafa Akgul (akgul)
Wed, 2 Mar 1994 19:22:32 +0300 (EET)

Gonullu var mi ?

Aslinda PC icinde gcc ile derlemek mumkundur kanisindayim.

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So matthew schlereth sez to me:
> Has anyone got Lynx up and running on linux. I need to get lynx running
> on a 486 running linux but I'm pretty new to C and am not sure what mods

It worked pretty much out of the box (v2.2, that is). You may need to
change the Makefile to link to dcurses instead of curses, and change the
appropriate includes, too. I have symbolic links from my curses.h to
ncurses.h, so I ducked that problem. Works like a champ.
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