(fwd) [comp.os.linux.misc] ncsa www server for linux uploaded to tsx-11

Mustafa Akgul (akgul)
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Subject: [comp.os.linux.misc] ncsa www server for linux uploaded to tsx-11
Date: 31 Dec 1993 10:16:23 +0100
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this (tsx-11.mit.edu:/pub/linux/packages/TeX/Milieu/httpd1.0a5-linux.tar.gz)
is a ncsa httpd 1.0a5 www server..i compiled it with gcc 2.4.5 and
libc 4.4.4. the server itself is in /conf/etc/httpd. move it if you wish.
it's home directory is /usr/lib/httpd and the default home page
is /usr/lib/httpd/htdocs/index.html. i've included my home page (but not
any of the linked files. load the url: http://milieu.grads.vt.edu/
to get those [server may be down some during Christmas break] if you wish).

to install, just unpack from the root dir and then add at the end of
your networking rc (rc.inet2 at my site) a line like:

/conf/etc/httpd -d /usr/lib/httpd

customizing for your own linux site consists merely in modifying the
index.html. see the world wide web for http format and for more info
on configuring httpd (if needed)

thomas (tdunbar@vtaix.cc.vt.edu)

ps: for milieu package users: there's nothing here that's not in the
milieu packages..just packaged by itself in order to encourage others